Here at last, a creative new solution for an age old problem. 

Introducing Luv & Emmas Dry Pets; a convenient and money saving alternative for pet owners. 

How do you care for your pet's paws and/or fur when they enter your home on a rainy or damp day? 

If your answer is paper towels or anything other than Luv & Emmas Dry Pets, get ready for a revolution in pet care. 

Luv & Emmas Dry Pets was created with practicality and convenience in mind, and you will quickly wonder how you ever lived without one. 

You and your pet will feel the softness and quality of this wonderful microfiber pet towel. 

With its attractive design elements and amazing ability to quickly absorb water, you will finally be free from unnecessary paper waste while also beautifying your home.

  Luv & Emmas Dry Pets approximate dimensions are 21 X 17 inches.

That is not all Luv & Emmas Dry Pets has to offer. 

Imagine how nice it would be to have Luv & Emmas Dry Pets ready for you where you need it most. 

With its patented integrated stretchable opening, Luv & Emmas Dry Pets allows you to conveniently hang it from your doorways and elsewhere. 

You will no longer need to locate paper towels while your dripping pet walks across your floor. 

Luv & Emmas Dry Pets will add charm to any home with its attractive pet friendly design, and its convenience will make you want one for every door that your pet greets you at! 

Order Luv & Emmas Dry Pets today.  Your pet will thank you!

Dry Pets

* Hangs on virtually any door handle *

* Super absorbent material *

* Dries fast *

* Eliminates paper towel waste *

* For all size breeds *

* Stylish design *

* Sewn in U.S.A. *

* Machine washable *

* Recyclable packaging *